Our Focus

Lot 3 Media is a production team based in Perth, Western Australia. We are dedicated to creating high-quality entertainment for a variety of platforms, spanning web-content, web-series and short films (plus a sampling of other media). We work across genres, from comedy to horror, with side-trips to drama, action and thrillers along the way. Ultimately, we love to share great stories.


Founded by writers, Lot 3 Media understands the importance of a well-written script for the quality of the end-product. We write our own material as well as working with others to ensure quality.


Lot 3 Media works with the best people available to ensure a smooth production pathway. From pre-production, through shooting and into post-production, every step is designed to get the best results possible.


A product isn’t truly finished until it is shared with the intended audience. Lot 3 Media works with key partners to ensure that our productions are seen by the widest possible audience.


At Lot 3 Media we understand that we’re only as good as our last product, and can only ever hope to be as good as our next idea. We’re always looking for that next opportunity to do more of what we love.


At Lot 3 Media, we understand the benefits of working with others.
A strong industry benefits from collaboration

Are you a key creative or crew member looking for the opportunity to pitch your ideas or help someone else's be realised? Maybe you're an industry entrant keen to get your first opportunity to work on a film set? You could even be a brand owner looking for an exciting opportunity to get more recognition. Whatever your goals are, we want to hear from you.



Writer, Producer
The creative mind of a writer combined with the pragmatic outlook of a manager. Specialises in putting people and projects together. And looking at spreadsheets.


Writer, Producer, Art Direction
Film-school graduate, now writer, producer and art director. Has the (not so secret) talent of making awesome props – from beer brands to fake fireworks.


Writer, Producer, Director
Sean’s bio will go here if he ever gets the chance to write it. He’s the one with the technical skills, so when Brian or Lydia are looking confused, it’s best to go find Sean.
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